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Matters Should Attention in the Rotary Dryer’s Application

With the rapid development of social and economy, there are increasingly produced rotary drum dryers and continuously extend application scope of dryers. The design level and quality are sharply improved as well as increasingly enhanced competitive power in market. Meanwhile, the boom development brings some cases of safe application, today, Henan Centbro International Trading Co., Ltd. introduce some matters should attention in the rotary dryer’s application.

First, control initial moisture. The moisture of wet coal discharged just from the power plant is about a half, if dry it immediately will cause large cost of production and make heavy pressure on the device. It is wise to put it for about 15 days at a draft place, letting the moisture down to 20% to solve it. Secondly, choose the specific dust remover’s type. Dust remover should be chosen by the process state. Thirdly, be care of the seal state of conveying equipment of the dry material. Last but not least, choice of the stove. The stove should be high efficient, sufficient burning the low-grade coal and easy operation.

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