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Henan Centbro supply of mining engineering machinery and equipment and related equipment with high efficiency, low energy, high processing capacity, economic and reasonable and so on.

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Comprehensive Thoughtful, Timely Fast

Henan Centbro International Trading Co, Ltd. to the superb technology and advanced technology level has won many honors, Henan Centbro is regarded as the quality of life, in order to serve the user as god. The user is all we have. We will always be responsible for each process, responsible for each product, the quality policy for each user is responsible, dedicated to customer service. Everything we do will do our best for you. We are convinced that a sincere heart for you will be a sincere return!

Henan Centbro uphold the "customer first, the courage to open up, cooperation and win-win" concept of customer service. Upon receipt of customer requirements, we will first get in touch with customers, understand customer specific requirements, material composition, predetermined work site and other relevant information, to help customers analyze and solve problems.

Henan Centbro employees have set up the good service concept: the timely maintenance of user equipment is at fault; pre-sales project design, process design for the user; the development of user equipment purchase plan; to provide quality products and thoughtful user training; patience; and when the effective maintenance and to solve the difficult problem of processing the user test etc..

Contact Negotiation

We will be the first time to get in touch with customers, to understand the specific needs of customers, material components, scheduled work site and other related information, to help customers analyze, solve problems.

On-The-Spot Investigation

Full service for you, you can completely solve the problem of travel to Zhengzhou after the elegant and chic environment, so that you and our negotiations more comfortable.

Accessories Supply

Henan Centbro International Trading Co, Ltd. has improved after-sales parts supply system, to ensure that the first time to meet customer demand for replacement parts, reduce customer downtime maintenance time.

Client Review

The customer is the premise of the company to develop. We hold a communication, two guarantees the principle of service to customers. A communication: always keep the deep communication with the big customers; the two guarantee: to ensure the quality of service, to ensure that the interests of customers to maximize.