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Packing Machine

Packing Machine

Packing machine (packaging machine), is generally divided into two types of semi-automatic packaging machines and automatic machine. Automatic packaging machine is mainly used in food, medicine, chemical industry and plant seed material automatic packaging. Materials can be particles, tablets, liquid, powder, paste and other forms. Automatic packaging machine with automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing batch number, increase the ease of incision, no material mixing warning, and other functions.

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Working Principle Of Packing Machine

With the improvement of the degree of automation, the operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the packaging machine is more convenient and simple, and the professional skills required for the operator is reduced. Product packaging quality is good or bad, is directly related to the temperature system, the precision of the engine speed and the stability of the tracking system. The machine is running, the film marks sensors continuously marker in detection of film (color), and track the micro switch position of the machine, the two signal is sent to the PLC, the program after the operation, the output of the Y6 PLC (after), Y12 (trace) control the tracing system the error, packaging materials in the production process to discover at the same time accurate compensation and correction, to avoid the waste of packaging materials.

If a predetermined number of detection tracking still can not meet the technical requirements, can be automatically shut down for inspection, to avoid waste; due to the use of frequency control, greatly reduce the chain transmission, improves the stability and reliability of the operation, reduce the operation noise of packing machine. It ensures the high efficiency, low loss, automatic detection and other functions of the packaging machine. Although the application function of automatic packaging machine is relatively simple, the dynamic performance of the drive system is higher, and the dynamic performance of the system is very fast and the accuracy of the system is high.

Performance Characteristics Of Packing Machine

Advanced automatic packaging machine design, reasonable structure, reliable performance. The automatic packaging machine adopts the double synchronous belt pulling film, which is controlled by the cylinder, which is controlled by the cylinder, automatic deviation correction, automatic alarm and protection function, to minimize the loss. Metering device, bag making, filling, filling, printing and counting in one mouth. According to the material in the opening and closing type metering device.

Packaging Equipment Components

The electrical part of the automatic packing machine is generally composed of the following components:

Mechanical Part:

a) mechanical frame;

b)Manipulator clamping device and driving cylinder;

Electrical Part:

a) the main control circuit is composed of frequency converter and programmable logic controller (PLC);

b) temperature control circuit is composed of intelligent temperature control meter, solid state relay and thermocouple element, precise temperature control, direct display and convenient setting;

c) by photoelectric switch, electromagnetic proximity sensors to achieve multi-point tracking and detection;