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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator is used for transferring the materials in form of powder, granular, small block non-abrasive, half-abrasive with bulk density less than 1.5t/m3, such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer and grain etc.

Bucket Elevator is using rubber belt as its traction components, therefore, the handling material temperature should be not more than 60 ° C,if adopt the heat-resistant rubber belt, the maximum material temperature can reach to 200 ° C. TH type bucket elevator is applying forging ring chain as its traction components, hence, the maximum material temperature should not exceed than 250°C.

  • Description

Bucket Elevators are robust, designed to stand up to rigorous heavy industry use. Bucket elevators from Centbro are manufactured in a range of materials, and suitable for abrasive and hot materials.

Advantages of Using Bucket Elevators

1、Designed to handle a wide variety of bulk materials from average to very free-flowing.

2、Many different bucket and casing sizes available for capacities up to 15,000 cubic feet per hour.

3、Completely enclosed for dust and weather-tight operation.

4、Inlet section can be control fed or flood loaded with bulk materials.

Use High-Specification Parts In Bucket Elevators

1、round link chains, heat-treated and hardened to resist wear when using abrasive products.

2、sprockets in cast iron, cast steel that are toothed or friction drive and segmented with wear-resistant surfaces.

3、buckets that are designed and fabricated to suit the specific material to be handled, with excellent pickup and discharge features, and reinforced for use with abrasive materials.

4、robust head section, fully welded with removable sections and inspection doors at strategic points and anti-runback devices.

5、fully welded boot section with tensioning devices and ball or roller bearings, inlet chute and removable clean-out doors.

6、safety features including explosion panels and a RoCon? rotational control unit to change pulley speed and signal in the event of the elevator stopping or slowing.

7、head platforms, hoist frames and safety cage ladders can all be supplied to give full access.

8、single or double casing sections in 3m lengths.