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Impulse Bag Filter

Impulse Bag Filter

Impulse bag filter belongs to outdoor-type, and it is composed by enclosure, chamber, ash hopper, discharge system, injection system and automation control system. It has a variety of different specifications according to different combinations of the filter chamber and indoor filter bag. The amount of the bags has four series: 32, 64, 96 and 128, and a total of 33 full range specifications; The parameter of the filter bag is 130 mm in diameter and 2500 mm in length; This series of dust collector for negative pressure operation, dust collecting efficiency can reach more than 99.5%, after purification the dust emission concentration of the gas is 10-50 mg/Nm3.

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Working Principle Of Impulse Bag Filter

When dusty gas first enters into the hopper under the action of a guide baffle, part of coarser dust particles naturally settle down in ash hopper due to the inertia collision. Most of the dust particles rise into the bag chamber with the air currents. After purification, the gas in the filter bag is discharged into the atmosphere via the outlet valve plate hole that achieves the goal of dust removal. With continuous filtering process, the dust outside of the filter bag gradually increased, and the operation resistance of the filter also gradually increased. When the resistance increases to a certain value (pa), 1200-1500, the slag controller gives a sign and control valve plate hole closed to cut off the filtering flow. Then the electromagnetic pulse valve is open and injecting compressed air to the casing in a very short time, compressed air in the casing rapidly expands that makes the filter bag have functions of deformation, jitter. With the role of reverse airflow, the dust outside of filter bag falls into ash hopper. After ash removal, the valve plate hole is open, the room is under condition of filter state again.

Advantages Of Impulse Bag Filter

1. Impulse Bag Filter, it has taken the temperature gas to lower temperature gas inlet structure, the rough high temperature granules directly drop to the dust hopper and effectively protects the filter bag.

2. The longer impulse bag filter take smaller area which will increase the processing capacity, therefore it is more convenient for reconstruction of old factories.

3. CENTBRO take separate chamber off line dust cleaning in impulse bag filter design and it is with high efficiency and few secondary flour dust attachment, meanwhile it can effectively save the energy consumption. Such design effectively protect the filter bags and pulse valve and save the operation and maintenance cost for the dust collector system.

4. The filter bags will be replaced without stop the filtration system.

5. CENTBRO Dust Collector with CENTBRO made filters which is made with snap band with good sealing, easy for assemble and replacement and good tightness.

6. CENTBRO take Air leaking detecting with oil and to keep all the system air leaking <0.5%.

7. Our impulse bag filter is controlled by PLC to realize automatic dust cleaning, dust removal, automatic temperature control and over temperature alarm.

Application Of Impulse Bag Filter

1、iron, steel mill, ferroalloy plant, refractory plant, foundry, power plant of flue gas dedusting system etc.

2、Wastes incinerator, coal fired boilers, fluid fluidized bed boiler flue etc.

3、Asphalt mixing, building materials, cement ceramic, lime and gypsum and other production sites.

4、Aluminum electrolysis, lead and tin, zinc, copper and other rare metal smelting gas filtering,superfine material recovery, liquid and solid separation.

5、thermal power plant ,cement plant, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, the characteristics of smoke, for the successful development of power plant boiler, cement rotary kiln, steel mills, coke oven blast furnace.