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High temperature of ball mill main bearing bearing shells

The ball mill main bearing bush temperature high is a relatively common phenomenon, users need timely cooling. In the process of using ball mill, what factors will affect the main bearing temperature ?

1、the impact of friction heat

The hollow shaft and the bearing relative rotation, friction and heat, strictly speaking is between the oil film shear heat generated, bearing temperature increases, its value is relatively small.

2、the impact of heat produced by grinding body crushed material

The ball mill in operation, the grinding material accounted for only a small part of the total energy consumption, while most of the energy is converted into heat energy and, therefore, get a lot of material in the heat discharging through the hollow shaft or slip ring, heat is transferred to the Bush, will make the main bearing liner temperature increased significantly, up to the bush temperature 70~80 degrees Celsius or higher.

3、by the impact of the type of ball mill

The ball mill products of different types, influence on the bearing temperature rise is different. Wet grinding is added to raw material slurry, grinding temperature is not high, the discharge of main bearing tile greenhouse lowest, cement mill outlet main bearing walvin is the highest; the drying raw material mill wind swept coal mill in the feed at the same time, pain hot air, if using kiln exhaust gas drying material, into the wind the temperature reached 350 degrees Celsius; if the auxiliary stove, feed gas temperature can reach 450 degrees Celsius, so feed mill main bearing temperature is generally higher.

4、by the impact of the structure of the ball mill

The ball mill inlet and outlet spiral tube (sleeve) and an insulation layer is arranged between the hollow shaft, in order to reduce the material transfer to the hollow shaft and bearing on the heat. Some ball mill heat insulation layer is very thin, and some ball mill insulation layer thickness. For the main bearing of cement mill, it is hoped that there will be a thick insulation layer to block the heat transfer.

5、affected by the ambient temperature of the ball mill

The ambient temperature also affects the ball bearing temperature, such as season, location, and even the ventilation of workshop level, will affect the bearing temperature.

6、the main bearing cooling water temperature and the effect of cooling water

The ball mill main bearing water includes two aspects, a spindle Vanessa channeling water, two water cooler water station is the main bearing oil. The water temperature of the cooling water. The effect of water content of temperature is large, especially water temperature. Because the water is different, some plants with river water or water, some plants with groundwater, so the water temperature of the cooling water is different. The water temperature is also affected by the season.

7、the effect of peripheral oil station

The ball mill main bearing thin oil station has two functions. One is to establish the supply of dynamic pressure oil film oil was needed; two is to remove excess heat, to cool the bearing. Generally, the main bearing formation of dynamic pressure oil film of about 6 ~ 10L/min; our country is usually used 25L/min, and some even use 45L/min, here will contain the amount of heat needed to take the heat.

Through the above analysis shows that, there are many factors that cause the main bearing of ball mill bearing temperature increased, the equipment used in the process, pay attention to it in many aspects, the reasonable control of main bearing shell temperature.