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Present Situation And Development Trend Of Cement Drying Machine

Cement rotary dryer play a vital role in cement production line. Generally speaking, it is used to dry limestone, coal ash, slags and clay in cement industry. Now more and more customers do not only focus on capacity or cost, but also the design details. It is the new tendency that design benefits are becoming the core of customers’ focus.

Henan Centbro cement rotary dryer uses the new-type raising plate, which has the functions of guiding, even flow, raising materials etc. The raising plate can make the materials be distributed uniformly to the cross profile in the dryer.

Therefore, materials can stay much longer in the drum and have a full dispersion. And raising plates in the drum are also used to disperse materials so that they can fully mix with hot air, greatly improving the drying efficiency. The consumption of coal and electricity of our cement rotary dryer can be lower than the normal dryers, with the production ratio higher than the average.

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