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How to select suitable lining plate for ball mill

The liner is an important part of the ball mill, which is more serious. Influence of ball mill liner board consumption of technical factors as many as a dozen, or even more, basically make clear a few. Henan Centbro think how to choose suitable lining plate for ball mill is an important step to ensure the service life of the lining plate of the ball mill.

The metallurgical mine of China plant wet grinding rough grinding machine is mostly used for metal liner, which is mainly of high manganese steel lining plate.

Metallurgical Mine wet ground ball mill lining board, has diversified material development, in addition to the metal lining, rubber lining, lining board, polyurethane (PVC) composite materials with different magnetic lining board came into being.

Cement industry and metallurgical ore ball mill operation situation is slightly different. First of all, the ball mill speed of the former low, more than 75% to 80% of the critical speed. Secondly, the cement industry ball mill is slender, the latter is short and thick. Finally, the largest diameter of the cement industry is much smaller than the maximum diameter of the latter. Therefore, the cement industry selection of ball mill liner impact hardening of high manganese steel is improper, should vigorously promote the multi chromium alloy lining board.

Large diameter cement mill 3.5 x 5 meters, low alloy carbon material suitable for grinding, cylinder liner, high and low chrome multielement alloy cast iron can be partition board with carbon and low alloy steel, cement mill, diameter of 2.4 ~ 3.5 meters, in the selection of carbon and low alloy steels in grinding right, the cylinder liner of high and low chromium cast iron, partition board in carbon steel is feasible.

Small cement mill diameter of 2.4 meters below, with carbon steel with low chromium cast iron grinding head of insurance, also, no problems with high and low chromium cast iron for cylinder body, life of 3 to 5 years, partition board in carbon steel alloy with good cement industry, all ball mill lining board, containing parts the positions are not using non-metallic liner, the main reasons for the high temperature and dry grinding.

Select the appropriate lining plate is very important to choose suitable ball mill, ball mill is also important for the cement factory, factory production scale, strength, product quality, equipment parameters, product price, customer service service, the same can not be less.