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Aligning Ball Bearing

Aligning Ball Bearing

The aligning ball bearing has two kinds of structure, such as the cylindrical hole and the conical hole, and the material of the retainer is made of steel plate, synthetic resin, etc.. The outer ring spherical raceway, the mind is automatically adjusted, can compensate the error concentricity and deflection made self-aligning ball bearings into the inner and outer rings, but shall not exceed 3 degrees relative gradient. Can bear large radial load, but also can bear a certain axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, it has a self-aligning performance, the axial force bending or tilt of the inner ring and the outer ring center line center line relative inclination of not more than 1° to 2.5°, the bearing can still work.

  • Description

Work Requirements

For heavy load bearing configuration, poor working conditions and special requirements for sealing, can use the built-in contact type sealing self-aligning roller bearing. The bearing has the same shape and size as the non - sealed bearing, and can replace the non - sealed bearing in many occasions. Allow aligning angle is 0.5°, the working temperature is -20° ~110°. The bearing has filled the lithium based antirust grease amount, can also according to user requirements to add grease. According to the inner ring without flange and the holder is different, can be divided into two basic types, C type and CA type, C type bearings are without inner ring ribs and the stamping steel cage, the characteristics of CA type bearing for inner ring on both sides of wall and used car business entity retainer. This kind of bearing is especially suitable for heavy load or vibration load. Spherical roller bearings have two raceways in the inner and outer ring raceways between spherical assembly, a drum shaped roller bearings.

Bearing Characteristic

Mainly bear radial load, and can bear smaller axial load. Axis (shell) axial displacement limit in the clearance limits, the heart performance is automatically adjusted, normal work allows the inner and outer relatively small tilt conditions, suitable for bearing hole can not strictly ensure the concentricity of the components.

Structural Style

Self-aligning ball bearing assembly with dustproof cover and sealing ring has been filled with the appropriate amount of grease, should not be heated without cleaning before installation, lubrication without the use of the process, adapt to the operating temperature of - 30℃ to +120℃. Aligning ball bearings are mainly used in precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery, etc., is the most widely used in the mechanical industry of a class of bearings.

Bearing Application

Self-aligning ball bearing is designed to withstand heavy load and impact load, precision instruments, low noise motor, automobile, motorcycle, metallurgy, rolling mill, mine, petroleum, paper, cement, sugar industry, general machinery etc..