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Thrust Angular Contact Bearing

Thrust Angular Contact Bearing

The thrust angular contact bearing is characterized by the combination of the radial and axial loads, and the two aspects of the axial displacement of the shaft. It is made up of outer ring, inner ring, steel ball and cage. It can work stably at high speed. Installation should pay attention to, while the bearing two-way axial load, but if a side mounted ball gap, should pay attention not to let the main axial load by Mizobe side gap.

  • Description

Bearing performance characteristics

Thrust angular contact ball bearings are precision bearings, mainly for the use of screw drive. It is composed of an integral outer ring, two inner rings, a steel ball, a retainer and a sealing ring which is composed of a complete bearing unit. After assembly, the bearing is O type (DB) configuration, the contact angle is 60°. It can bear axial and radial loads simultaneously by applying preload to the precision locking nut. Both sides of the bearings are sealed, grease lubrication and design of re lubrication structure, the holder using polyamide PA66-GF25 material manufacturing, can work under the conditions of temperature below 120℃ for a long time to work.

Bearing Product Advantage

Ultra high speed: Centbro International Trading supply thrust angular contact bearing precision is mainly P5, P4 level, the accuracy of the level of peers in the forefront.

Ceramic ball: this kind of bearing generally bear axial load larger, XEZ bearing with high precision / high rigidity / high wear resistance and so on.

High precision: Centbro International Trading supply of thrust angular contact bearing to keep temperature rise is: room temperature +15℃, maintain a high speed operating temperature of 35 + 5℃.

Low temperature rise: Centbro International Trading to enhance the performance of the series, the use of high stability and high rigidity of the nylon cage and brass cage. For special corrosion resistance, low temperature, and other harsh environment, the use of special holder, to ensure the accuracy of the user, the perfect life.

Long life: the average service life of this kind of thrust angle contact bearing is more than 2 years, and the use effect and life will be increased by using a higher configuration.

Use Matters Needing Attention

1、thrust angular contact bearing installation should be clean, clean room, bearing to be carefully selected.

2、bearing should be cleaned before installation, clean the inner ring of the slope upward, hand sensing flexible, no stagnation, dry, put in a specified amount of grease, such as oil mist lubrication should be put in a small amount of oil mist oil.

3、thrust angular contact bearing installation should use special tools, uniform, no beat.

4、bearing storage should be clean and ventilated, non corrosive gas, the relative humidity is not more than 65%, long-term storage should be regularly rust.