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Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

The internal structure of cylindrical roller bearing of the roller was 90 degrees vertical arrangement (which is also the cross roller bearing the name of the origin), interval retainer or isolation block is arranged between the roller and the roller can prevent between tilt or roller friction each other, effectively prevent the increase of rotational torque. Cylindrical roller and rolling line for line contact bearing. Load capacity, mainly to bear the radial load. Ring wall and rolling friction small, suitable for high-speed rotation. According to the ferrule has without ribs, can be divided into NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF and NNU single row cylindrical roller bearings, and NN double row cylindrical roller bearing. The bearing is a separable structure of inner and outer rings.

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Product Features

Cylindrical roller and rolling line is in line contact, radial load capacity. It is suitable for both heavy load and impact load, and is suitable for high speed rotation.

Cylindrical roller bearing rolling track and rolling body geometry. The improved design, has high bearing capacity, a new structure design of rib and roller end, not only improves the bearing capacity and axial, and rib roller end of the contact area to improve lubrication conditions, improve the bearing performance.

Structure Type

1、Outer ring without edge N0000 and inner ring without block NU0000 type, cylindrical roller bearings, such bearings can accept a larger radial load, high limit speed, the axial displacement of the shaft or shell, can not accept the axial load.

2、Inner and outer ring of the cylindrical roller bearings with block NJ0000 type, NF0000 type bearing can be bound to the axis or shell of a direction of the axial displacement, and can accept a smaller axial load. NU0000+HJ0000 type, NJ0000+HJ0000 type, NUP0000 type bearings, can be imported bearings in the field of axial clearance of the axis or the outer shell of the two directions of the axial displacement, and can accept a smaller two-way axial load.

Bearing Type

Cylindrical roller bearings are separated type bearings, installation and removal is very convenient. Cylindrical roller bearings can bear large radial load and is suitable for use in high speed operation.

This kind of bearing inner ring and the outer ring to allow Axis axis angle error (tilt) is very small, only 2°- 4°. Therefore, the processing precision of the shaft and the bearing seat is relatively high, otherwise, the uneven load or stress concentration occurs in the contact area of the rolling track. However, it can reduce the occurrence of stress concentration when the roller or roller contact bus is modified.

Cylindrical roller bearings for rolling body according to the number of columns is different, can be divided into single and double row cylindrical roller bearings of different structure. Different structure bearing is also shown in the position of the retaining wall design. Which are commonly used in cylindrical roller bearings have the following forms:

Single row cylindrical roller bearings: single row cylindrical roller bearing is separable bearing, convenient installation and disassembly, two rings can adopt the tight fit, the contact line between the fixed roller and raceway can reduce the stress concentration.

Double row cylindrical roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearing is separable bearing swimming, the installation and the disassembly is convenient. The two rings can be used in tight fit. Double row cylindrical roller bearings are almost not allowed to have a tilt angle.